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Update On Pastor Dongo

Most of you know that Pastor Dongo has been undergoing treatment for cancer for much of this past year. But did you know he is spending Christmas in California this year? Thats right… Pastor is undergoing a second round of chemotherapy. In order for the doctors to monitor his healing most efficiently, they want to keep an eye over him for a least a couple of months. As we all know, the effects of this treatment can be grueling, but he is in good spirits. Please continue to pray to the Great Physician, Jesus, who continues to care for Pastor Dongo and God Cares School. You can connect with him by email at pastordongo@ugandabuyamba.com or write letters of encouragement to him at the office address and we will make sure he receives his mail. 
God Cares Schools in Uganda are being well taken care of by the incredible staff at both schools and the entire Dongo family. There is much to dream about as we go forward into 2015! Details to follow…

One response to “HOME

  1. To all saints, thus says the lord God of Hosts,
    Pastor Dongo Bethuel will not die, he is alive and still will live to proclaim the goodness of the lord in this land of the living, a spectacular dynamite power of God penetrated his entire body systems leaving billions of cancer cells destroyed completely..
    No more grumblings and groaning, lets’ arise Worship, give Thanks, GlorIify and Praise(Ezra), in a massive celebrations for the lord has herd our prayers and spared the life of our dear pastor Dongo

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